Backyard Ideas

The location of your hot tub is entirely up to you. Here are some of our customers backyards.

Carefully read these instructions for various ideas of locations that your new hot tub may be placed:

  1. Always place the hot tub on a compacted and level surface. The best surface is a level concrete pad. A hot tub, full of water, can weigh a great deal. Please ensure the spot can support the weight.
  2. Make sure to level your spa before filling it.
  3. Locate the equipment panel. The system pack, drain valve, owner’s manual and optional ozone generator are usually located all in the same area.
    Be sure that the connections are tightened during draining. Water inside the system pack will cause the pack to fail and the breaker to trip.
  4. The panels, on all four sides, are removable. Be sure to have access on all four sides.
  5. Be sure to have easy access to the circuit breaker in the sub panel (240 volt models).