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Eco-Effect Technology

Hot Tubs with Eco-Effect Technology

This technology is built into every hot tub to help save you money in electricity. From the floor to the top cover, every hot tub is thermally insulated with 2” of rigid EPS insulation and lined with a reflective layer to further capture heat and prevent it from escaping. Each hot tub’s insulation rating is an R-20 value and our covers are rated with an R-18 value. These ratings are similar to the insulation standards in new home construction.

Clean Air Factory Hot Tubs

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Clean Water System's Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs from Recycled Materials

Our environmental footprint is green

Providing a greener spa.

We are proud to handcraft every Starlight Hot Tub™ in a clean air factory. We are one of a few manufacturers’ in the world that uses the EcoSpray™ shell strengthening system that does not produce any V.O.C.’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – a harmful emission that can affect the environment and human health. We recycle and set a high standard for the materials we select and how we use them.


We take pride in using 100% recycled ABS to fabricate our insulated floor systems on all of our spas. We also recycle 100% of our wood, plastic and cardboard waste.

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Hot Tub Cabinet AccessLuxurious, all weather/
all temperature, impact resistant, maintenance-free cabinetry

Cabinet Colors:
Brown or Gray



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Water Features

Deluxe waterfall, fully adjustable and can be illuminated by our multi-colored LED mood lighting

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Mood Lighting

A multitude of programmable multi-colored LED mood lighting located in many of the jets, pillows, waterfalls, controls and cabinet exterior – a standard feature throughout! 16 multi-colored siding lighting sconces on the exterior.

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3 Ergonomic comfort pillows with digitally lighted logo inserts

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Shell & Structure

Quadruple-layered ABS backed acrylic with clear acrylic top coat and reinforced with Eco-Spray™ with expanded metal in high traffic areas. Structural PVC column support construction, which does not rot, mold or otherwise breakdown unlike others that use metal or wooden supports.

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Insulated Hardcover

(R-18 value) 5” to 3” tapered insulated hardcover with child safety locks